The Use of Micellar Water

There is an underrated trend in the beauty sphere right now. This is the use of micellar water. Micellar water is much better for your skin than hard water, some might say. One consumer of the product says that she would rather use micellar water than her hard water at home for skincare.

There are many brands out there that offer good results. Many of these brands can even be found in the local drugstore. For example, Avene is a renowned French brand. It works well for sensitive skin. This line has one micellar water. All of their products are founded from mineral springs and have proprietary ingredients as such.

If you are looking for something that is a little more budget friendly than the higher end drug store brands, there are brands like Marcelle that have micellar water at half the cost. This is important for those who need to have good skin but cannot spend top dollar for products.

Most micellar waters are non-irritating. One can use a patch test if one is concerned. There are usually samplers at the store or even take home samples. The take home samples can give you a good idea if this is the product that is for you. It will help you determine if your skin reacts nicely to the water.

When using, just put the water on a cotton pad and run over the face like a toner. It will pick up dirt and oils from the skin. The point is to swipe and not see any residue. If you get a clean swipe, then you know your skin is ready for the next step. Depending on how dirty your skin is, you should see a result after one or two passes. You can use a new cotton pad until the residue is clear after running across the skin.